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Why Should I Have my Mattress Cleaned?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Cleaning a Mattress by Cardiff Mattress Cleaning Company
Cleaning a Mattress

Why Should You Clean Your Mattress?

You spend a third of you life sleeping. So that means you spend, on average, 320 months of your life in your bed. Sleep is very important to your health, so when you are in your bed you need to make sure that you do sleep and not spend all night tossing and turning, missing out on sleep.

We know the importance of keeping our houses clean, it helps to reduce stress levels and fatigue, removes dust, allergens and pollutants and therefore makes our quality of life a lot better. The same can be said about your mattress. You may not be able to see it clearly with the naked eye but your mattress is covered with all sorts of dirt when viewed at a microscopic level. You may not realise that you shed your skin and sweat when you are sleeping. Over a period of time, this builds up and becomes the perfect breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria and fungi.

If you do not have your Mattress Cleaned, it's likely that it is one of the dirtiest items inside your home! A dirty mattress can cause itching and allergic reactions, which in turn can keep you awake and prevent you from having a really good nights sleep. Having your Mattress Professionally Cleaned is the ideal solution to help you sleep better and improve the air quality inside your home. The lifespan of your Mattress can also be extended.

Why You Should Have Your Mattress Cleaned!

This Video Shows Us Carrying Out A Mattress Hygiene Test

What we find is normal for virtually every older mattress that we test.

Cleaning a Mattress can be quite a difficult and tedious task if you attempt to do it on your own. Many of the suggestions found on the internet on how to clean your mattress do not work. At Cardiff Mattress Cleaning we often get called in to clean a mattress after someone has attempted it to clean it themselves following advice on the internet and it has made staining worse or it now smells of vinegar, from mixing it with bicarbonate of soda and spreading it over the mattress.

To remove Dust Mites, Bacteria and Stains from your Mattress, it is best to acquire the services of a Professional Mattress Cleaning Company. We have the knowledge, tools and cleaning solutions to deodorise, sanitise and Deep Clean your Mattress. Our rates are very reasonable, especially when you consider how expensive a new mattress can cost you.

The Mattress Cleaning Process

1. Vacuuming. Your Mattress is vacuumed using a Powerful Industrial Grade vacuum. Our machine has a vibrating Power Head that vibrates at a high frequency, breaking up the layers of dust and debris that form inside the mattress. This ensures that all the Dust Mites, Dead Skin and Debris is removed from the mattress.

2. Stain Removal. Mattresses can be stained from sweat, dirt and other bodily fluids. We treat the mattress stains with our Professional Cleaning Solutions. Sometimes the stains can be removed using our Dry System, where the mattress only becomes slightly damp, this means that the mattress can usually be slept on within an hour. For larger and more stubborn stains we would use our Hot Water Extraction system to thoroughly wash and clean the surface of the mattress. If the Hot Water Extraction system is used it can take longer for the mattress to dry.

3. Deodorising. A dirty mattress is not likely to smell very nice due to the accumulation of sweat, bodily fluids, dust mites and dead skin cells. We will deodorise the mattress leaving it smelling fresh and clean.

Video Showing Stain Removal Using Hot Water Extraction

The Benefits Of Having Your Mattress Cleaned!

  1. Increased Air Quality. A dirty mattress is one of the major contributing factors to polluted air inside a room. Have you ever noticed that Musty smell that you get when you sometimes walk into a bedroom. That Musty smell is usually coming from the mattress. When you consider how much sweat, dust, oil and dead skin there is on your mattress, it's easy to see how it can pollute the air in your bedroom. The room will start to smell musty and you will be breathing in whatever there is on your dirty mattress. One of the Main Benefits to having your mattress Professionally Cleaned is that it will instantly improve the air quality inside your home.

  2. Cleaning removes biological contaminants that are inside and on top of a dirty mattress and combats foul odours that may affect your sleep.

  • Reduced Risk Of Allergies And Itching. It's going to be difficult to get a good nights sleep if you are constantly itching or blowing your nose. Dust Mites and Fungi can trigger allergies that disrupt you sleep and affect your health when you are lying in bed. Cleaning your mattress gets rid of Dust Mites and harmful bacteria that prevent certain illnesses and reduce the risk of allergies and itching.

  • Prolong The Lifespan of Your Mattress. Keeping you mattress clean and well maintained is essential if want it to last for many years. Having your mattress Deep Cleaned will reduce wear and tear between the linings as well to the mattress cover itself.


Deep Cleaning a Mattress by Cardiff Mattress Cleaning Company
Deep Cleaning a Mattress.

Having a clean mattress really does help to improve the quality of your sleep as well as the air that you breathe in your home. To give your mattress a thorough Deep Clean it needs to be cleaned by a Professional Mattress Cleaning Company. You will be amazed at the difference that it can make and the Benefits that you will find from a better nights sleep.

We would recommend having you mattress cleaned twice a year to prevent severe odours, bacterial growth and staining from accumulating on your mattress.

If you live in and around South Wales, please contact us at Cardiff Mattress Cleaning Company to book a Deep Clean and Sanitise Your Mattress.

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