Commercial Mattress Cleaning

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Mattress Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning.

Our commercial mattress cleaning service is a perfect solution for any business that cares about customer satisfaction and a good nights sleep.

We can offer you accidental mattress staining removal to rejuvenating tired and grubby mattresses.​

Cost savings rather than having to purchase new mattresses.


We can work in conjunction with your regular cleaning processes.

Our Commercial Customers include ...

Hotels & B&Bs

Letting Agents

Private Landlords

Holiday Lets

Care Homes

Many More

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We will work to your requirements

Please contact us to discuss your individual mattress cleaning requirements.

We can arrange to visit you to inspect your mattresses and advise on their condition, advise on staining, rips and tears and test to show the hidden dirt inside the mattress.

Working around your Business Needs

Once we have identified and agreed your cleaning requirements. We can liaise with you to arrange a cleaning schedule that will ensure as little disruption to your business as possible.

Accidents Do Happen

Unfortunately accidents do happen. It may be in a Hotel Room or Rented Accommodation. Bed wetting and accidental spillages are one of the most common reasons that we are called to clean a mattress.


There is often no need to replace the mattress.

The mattress can be deep cleaned and sanitised and the majority of stains can be removed.  

Professionally cleaning the mattress will ensure that the mattress can used again, with confidence that your guest or tenant will be sleeping on a clean odour free mattress.

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Benefits for Your Business

Depending on your customer satisfaction and cleaning process you may have a planned replacement schedule for your mattress stock. Perhaps you address problems with your mattresses as they happen.

However you manage your mattresses. We can help you to maintain a healthier and more comfortable sleeping environment for your guests for as long as your mattresses are structurally sound.

Even if you have a routine cleaning schedule, where your mattresses are vacuumed. Contaminants can penetrate beyond mattress protectors. We can demonstrate this with our mattress hygiene test. These contaminates can contribute to early mattress wear and odours. Going beyond vacuuming to destroy and remove the dirt is the key to a healthy mattress and a Happy Guest!

Landlords can save on the expense of having to replace a mattress, if it is grubby and stained, having been left by a tenant.

Contact us first to see if the mattress can be cleaned before going to the expense of replacing the mattress.

Please Contact Glyn on: 07590 453103