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Our Best Mattress Guide

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Our Review Of Some Of The Best Mattresses For Sale On Line

Silent Night Mattress, Simba Mattress, The List Goes On!

How Do You Choose The Best Mattress For You?

Our Professional Advice to You Based On What We Do Every Day!

New Mattress
Looking For A New Mattress?

Silent Night Mattress, Simba Mattress, Emma Mattress, Casper Mattress?

At Cardiff Mattress Cleaning we clean hundreds of mattresses every year. Mattresses that we clean vary from foam mattresses to pocket sprung traditional mattresses. We often talk to our customers about their mattresses and their experiences of comfort and usability.

We decided to put together a guide, based on our conversations with our customers and have carried out extensive research on the internet, into the numerous types of mattresses and Brands that are currently available to Purchase On Line.

This guide will help to save you time from having to carry out your own research and will help you to understand the different types of mattresses that are available and the best quality mattress that is available for your budget.

This post contains affiliate links and I receive a commission if you visit a link and buy something on my recommendation. Purchasing via an affiliate link doesn’t cost you any extra, and I only recommend products and services I trust. All opinions are my own. The small amount that we make on commission goes towards funding this web site.

Mattresses Have Come A Long Way In Recent Years

The earliest know mattress was dated around 70,000 years ago. The earliest mattresses were filled with natural materials such as straw, horse hair and feathers. In the late 1890's the first spring coiled mattresses were invented and produced.

Mattress Filled with Straw.

Modern day mattresses come in many different types and sizes, this guide will help you to decide which is the best for you!

The Million Dollar Question!

When Should You Replace Your Mattress?

This the question that we are asked most often by our customers, along with how often should I have my mattress cleaned. We would recommend having your mattress professionally cleaned once a year. If you have a Dust Mite allergy , then you may need to have it cleaned twice a year or as often as is necessary for you.

As for when to replace your mattress: The Better Sleep Council and the majority of mattress manufacturers recommend replacing your mattress every 7-10 years. This however, can depend on how well you look after your mattress, the mattress type and if the mattress is still comfortable for you. Your mattress was not designed to last forever and excessive wear and tear will cause it require replacement sooner rather than later.

Signs Of Excessive Mattress Wear.

If there is a dent in your mattress where you have been lying, this can indicate that your mattress is worn. Over a period of time the fibre and foam inside the mattress can break down and if your mattress has springs they can lose their tension and cause the mattress to sag. Memory foam mattresses can soften over time and not support your body as well as they should. If the mattress begins to sag underneath you, this can disrupt your sleep and cause pain to your back and joints.

  1. Your mattress needs to offer you proper support and alignment in order to benefit from a proper nights sleep. If you sleep on your stomach or your back, your spine's natural curve should be evident when you lye on the mattress. If it is not, then you mattress is not supporting your spine properly. If you sleep on your side, your spine should be straight if you have proper support. If you lye on your mattress and you can put your hand between the gap between the mattress and your body, then this would indicate that your mattress is worn and you should consider a replacement.

  1. If you are waking up in the middle of the night with back pain or wake up stiff and sore in the morning, then it is possible that your mattress is worn. The upper part of the mattress consists of layers that support your body and these can break down over a period of time.

  2. Your mattress may just not feel comfortable anymore, after all you spend a third of you life sleeping on your mattress. Your common sense would tell you that it is no longer as comfortable as it used to be.

  3. If you suffer with allergies or asthma, you may want to consider purchasing a hypo allergenic type mattress to reduce the risk of allergies and to prevent dust mites from from entering the mattress.

  4. If you have sleep alone on your mattress but you now have a partner, the mattress may not have adequate support or sleep area to support your combined weights.

  1. So the answer to the Million Dollar Question is: It really is down to you and how well you are sleeping on your mattress. If you are not feeling as comfortable as your were previously sleeping, or you are waking up with a sore back and aches and pains, then it is probably time for you to consider buying a new mattress.

Mattresses Sizes Guide

Most modern mattresses and beds sold in the United Kingdom and Ireland are constructed using imperial dimensions, but are generally sold in their approximate metric equivalents:

Mattress/Bed Size Dimensions ( Imperial) Dimensions (Metric)

Small Single 2’6” x 6’3” 75 x 190 cm

Single 3’0” x 6’3” 90 x 190 cm

Small Double 4’0” x 6’3” 120 x 190 cm

Double 4’6” x 6’3” 135 x 190 cm

King Size 5’0” x 6’6” 150 x 200 cm

Super King Size 6’0” x 6’6” 180 x 200 cm

Firmness Scale

Different mattress companies will use different terms to describe the firmness of their mattresses, this can be confusing. Terms like “extra firm,” “medium-firm,” “plush,” and others are used to describe different mattress models, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to make of these terms or to know how they can be applied when considering purchasing a mattress. As a result, we often refer to the firmness scale, which is a way of rating mattress firmness from 1-10. Below you can find an overview of this scale:

  • 1 (extremely soft): maximum softness with lots of sink; this type of extra plush mattress is rare

  • 2-3 (soft): quite soft and plush with definite sink.

  • 4-6 (medium): common firmness level that offers a middle-ground with some plushness but more limited sink.

  • 7-9 (firm): much harder mattress with only limited softness and sink.

  • 10 (extremely firm): no softness, plushness or sink; this type of extra firm mattress is rare​

Choosing The Best Mattress For You

We all deserve to have a good night's sleep. A good night’s sleep is important for your physical and mental health. We spend a third of our lives in our beds, so that is why the benefit of a good nights sleep is so important to us.

If you have a poor quality mattress it can lead to a sleepless night, stiffness, back pain and sore muscles. This can mean that you have a poor nights sleep, tossing and turning to try and get comfortable, this can lead to tiredness the following day.

Mattress Types

It is important to make the right decision about which mattress is best for you. We spend up to a third of our lives in bed so you need a mattress that is comfortable and suits your individual needs.

Before purchasing your mattress you should consider some of the following:

  • What size mattress do I need to buy? Double, King Size, Super King Size, Single

  • or a Small Double.

  • How do I sleep? Do I sleep on my Back, My Side or my Stomach.

  • What type of mattress do I to buy? Pocket Sprung, Latex Foam, Memory Foam, Hybrid..

  • What other factors do I need to consider? Comfort, Durability, Motion Transfer and Support.

  • How firm should my mattress be? Medium, Medium Firm, Medium Soft, Soft Or Firm.

Pocket Sprung Mattress

Pocket Sprung Mattresses are built with individual springs in their own fabric pockets. There can be up to 2,500 springs in a pocket mattress. The mattress springs respond individually to the person's individual body weight, supporting the shoulders and hips. Pocket Sprung Mattresses are available in a wide range of tensions, and the sides are usually hand-stitched, keeping the mattress firm and prolonging its life.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam Mattresses are made from a supportive foam that moulds to the contours of your body. when warm. They will absorb your weight and help maintain correct body posture whilst supporting your spine and your joints. Memory foam mattresses are hypo-allergenic, making them great for those with allergies.

Pocket Memory Foam Mattress

This type of mattress are a hybrid of memory foam and pocket sprung.. They feature individual fabric pockets plus memory foam, they provide support while also responding to your body.


Orthopaedic mattresses come in a large range of materials and tensions, they are designed to support your back, joints and your overall body. Many people that suffer from back pain find that they can ease their symptoms with a good orthopaedic mattress. They are available in a wide range of materials and tensions, open coil, memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses that are firm and supportive can all be used as an orthopaedic mattress.

Open Coil Mattress

Open coil mattresses are the most common mattresses types, they consist of an inter-connected spring system. The springs are not in individual pockets. They are the traditional manufacturing method for mattresses, capable of being mass-produced with a low production cost – this makes them one of the cheapest on the market. A standard double open coil mattress will contain an average of 300 springs.


Latex mattresses are made from a combination of natural and synthetic latex which are turned into a latex foam, a firm polymer. Latex is breathable, extremely durable and because it doesn't harbour dust mites, it's great for those with allergies. It's also antimicrobial. However, cheaper latex mattresses can sometimes be a bit lumpy, and because they're fairly heavy, they can be difficult to turn.

So What Mattress Type Best Suits You? Things to Consider

You should consider several factors before you go ahead and purchase your mattress after all you will be sleeping on it for possibly years to come.
Some of the factors that you should consider are below: Comfort Level

Mattresses come in many different comfort levels ranging from firm, medium to soft, plush to pillow top as well as contoured and personalised. Most Mattress companies will provide a colour coded guide as to the level of firmness and therefore comfort in a mattress.

Choosing the size of your mattress will often depend on the amount of space that you have available. You may be sharing your bed with a partner or sleeping alone. Think about your current sleeping situation and if you're happy with the amount of space you sleep with. If you're fighting for space with your partner, it might be time to think about upgrading to a larger size. If your room is small and your bed is taking over the space, downsizing might be a good option.
Some Mattress Features To Look Out For

Do they have Handles on the sides?

Handles are useful flipping, moving and positioning your mattress.

Single sided or Double sided Mattress?

Single sided mattresses have become more popular in recent years. However, single sided mattresses come with a flat base so they cannot be turned over. Double sided mattresses do give you the option to flip the mattress over. This allows you to flip and rotate the mattress as needed, allowing the mattress layers to settle and contour to each individual, in some cases double sided mattresses can last twice as long as single sided.

Hypoallergenic Fillings? Some mattresses have additional hypoallergenic fillings such as latex or polyester that prevent the build-up of bacteria, mould and dust mites. Watch out for this if you suffer from allergies—it could be the key ingredient to a peaceful night's sleep.

We have researched a large number of mattresses for sale on the internet on your behalf and the following are our recommendations for you:

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Silent Night Pocket Essentials 1000 Pocket Sprung

Their new Essentials range

The new essentials range from Silentnight offers great quality products at affordable prices.

Mirapocket® Spring system

Our Mirapocket® spring system will offers the following great benefits:

  • Offers various spring to meet your individual comfort needs, allowing you to find your perfect comfort solution for a great night's sleep.

  • Individual responsive spring system providing zoned support.

  • Pressure relief for a comfortable night's sleep.

  • Edge to edge support providing more personal sleep space.


This mattress is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant for a healthier sleep.

Quality Assurance

  • Accredited onsite laboratory to bring the best products to you.

  • Every Silent night mattress type is tested to ensure it exceeds all British standards.

  • We are full members of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Program.

Fibre Content

Sleep Surface - 100% Polyester Underside - 60% Polypropylene / 40% Polyester Side Border - 64% Polyester / 36% Polypropylene

Our Review Findings:

This mattress is Excellent quality at a cost of only £293.25 for a Double mattress.

The Firmness Rating is Medium/Firm

This mattress has a Review score of 4.4 out of 5 from 650 Customer Ratings on Amazon.

The review comments confirm that the mattress is very comfortable and excellent value for money. Customers have advised that in their opinion the mattress is more on the firmer side than medium.

For Further Information or to Purchase the Mattress. Please click on the link Below:

Vesgantti 4Ft 6 Double Mattress

This Pocket Sprung Mattress has Individually Wrapped Springs and Breathable Foam.

Our Review Findings:

This mattress is one of our favourites at a cost of only £189.99 for a Double mattress. The

customer reviews from Amazon are Excellent with a Review Score of 4.6 out of 5 from 722 Customer Ratings.

Firmness Rating is Medium.

The reviews confirm that the mattress is very comfortable and excellent value for money.

For Further Information or to Purchase the Mattress. Please click on the link Below:

Hybrid Mattresses

Inofia Double Matrress, Spring Round and Memory Foam Top Mattress. 100 Night Trial Sleep from their Parallel Collection.

Inofia 2019's new elegant collection, which is designed in black and white. Combines innovative wave memory foam with ultra-soft knit fabric with breathable mesh on the sides. Innovative Wave Memory Foam - The updated waveform memory foam is placed at the bottom of the standard memory foam layer. When you are in bed with your partner at night, it absorbs bounces well, does not make any noise, and protects your privacy. Exclusively developed by Pocket Coil Technology, it provides comfortable spine support and also offers excellent durability and relieves pressure.  Unique Zoned Coil Support adapts and supports each unique body much. Adapts to anybody for the perfect level of support. Softcover and side ventilation mesh, Our hypoallergenic, anti-mite cover is made of fibers; it can release sweat immediately, providing you with a pleasant sleeping environment. It's also designed with breathable mesh on the side to provide extra breathability and comfort. Whether it is rainy or snowy, it will not get wet with water.


- Your body needs up to 4 week's time to get used to a new mattress - Your vacuum-packed mattress needs 24-72 hours to fully recover Please keep distance to the mattress when opening, as it expands surprisingly.

Our Review Findings:

This mattress comes rolled in a box so it is easy to take upstairs to your bedroom. Excellent reviews with a Review Score of 4.7 out of 5 from 42 Customer Ratings. This Mattress is very reasonably priced at a cost of £239.99 for a Double mattress. The company offer 100 nights at home with Pro Sleep Guarantee and a 10 year guarantee on the mattress core.

The Firmness Rating is Medium/Firm.

The review comments confirm that the mattress is very comfortable and excellent value for money. Care must be taken when opening the mattress packaging to ensure that no damage is caused to the mattress.

For Further Information or to Purchase the Mattress. Please click on the link Below:

Simba Hybrid Mattress Double With Blue Cover

The Simba Hybrid® Mattress is 25cm deep.

Up to 2,500 25mm conical pocket miQro springs, made with 100% British steel and manufactured in Leeds, enclosed in a 100% polyester pocket

500g Hypoallergenic knitted cover

Reflex support layer

Zoned support base

Open cell Simbatex foam with graphite for cooling

4 handles for ease of movement

Our Review Findings:

Simba are the worlds favourite " Mattress In A Box Brand" . They have won many awards for the quality of their mattresses. This mattress is more expensive at a cost of £561, however, the proven quality and the Excellent customer reviews make it a mattress well worth considering as your next purchase. They offer a Risk Free 200 night Trial and a 10 Year Guarantee.

This mattress has a Review score of 4 out of 5 from 282 Customer Ratings on Amazon.

The review comments confirm that the mattress is easy to remove from the packaging and very comfortable to sleep on.

For Further Information or to Purchase the Mattress. Please click on the link Below:

Memory Foam Mattress

Simba Premium Seven-Zoned Foam Mattress Double

  • This mattress has a luxurious sleep surface —it is very soft and the surface is hypoallergenic. The mattress has an airy lightness that comforts and protects your body

  • The Simbatex foam prevents overheating at the same time as providing comfort.

  • This Simba mattress has a high definition foam base that offers 7 ergonomic pressure zones. These zones offer support and equal weight distribution for a lovely peaceful night's sleep.

  • This is perfect for all types of sleepers, it is neither too hard or too soft, the 7 zoned layers that measure a total depth of 19cm, gives you ideal support for a comfortable night's sleep.

  • Simba offer a 100 Days Trial and Free Delivery. The mattress is rolled in a box. Unwrap the mattress and let it expand to its normal size. Within 72 hours the mattress will have expanded to it's normal size.

Our Review Findings:

The reviews for this Simba mattress on Amazon are Excellent. Everyone has commented on how comfortable is was and how quick they adapted to the surface. The cost of £349 with Free Delivery is very reasonable for a memory foam mattress of this quality. This mattress has a Review score of 4.3 out of 5 from 41 Customer Ratings on Amazon.

For Further Information or to Purchase the Mattress. Please click on the link Below:

Inofia Double Memory Foam Sprung Mattress

Product Features:

  • Cooling memory foam keeps you chill all night long.

  • Knitted fabric creates an ultra-soft surface.

  • Fibers are hypoallergenic and include an anti-mite cover.

  • Pocket coil technology supports your spine.

  • Motion separation provides back support.

Zoned coils adapt to each and every type of body.

A memory foam mattress is the top of the line when it comes to comfort and support. The soft material of Inofia’s memory foam mattress relieves pressure along your spine. You can sleep comfortably through the night without having increased pressure on any point of your back, hips, or neck. For sleepers who suffer from back and neck pain, a memory foam mattress is a must. The zoned pocket spring offers shock-absorption and support while memory foam provides the best night’s sleep.

Our Review Findings:

This mattress is Excellent quality at a cost of only £293.25 for a Double mattress.The Firmness Rating is Medium/FirmThis mattress has a Review score of 4.4 out of 5 from 650 Customer Ratings on Amazon.

The review comments confirm that the mattress is very comfortable and excellent value for money. Customers have advised that in their opinion the mattress is more on the firmer side than medium.

For Further Information or to Purchase the Mattress. Please click on the link Below:


DOSLEEPS Double Mattress 4FT6 9-Zone Pocket Sprung Orthopaedic Mattress with Memory Foam.

A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP -With an innovative 9 Zone Support System 

constructed by individual spring coil pockets. Each spring coil 

is made of tempered stainless steel wire into a bucket shape. 

Compressed and sealed in a fabric pocket to reduce noise of 

spring coil collision.

It can eliminates pressure points, motion disturbance and

lower back pain, this is the best mattress you will find for

an incredible night's sleep! 

Tencel Surface -The smooth fiber surface of TENCEL Lyocell 

fibers absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton. This

supports the body's natural thermal regulating mechanism,

keeping your skin feeling pleasantly cool and dry throughout

the day and night. Fabrics can also be engineered to provide

warm and dry sensations on the skin.

SUPPORTIVE + UNDISTURBED SLEEP - Each Separate Pocketed Coil 

is Individually & Independently Wrapped to Provide an Individualised Comfort Support System by Contouring each Person's Body Perfectly.

It Also Doesn't Transfer Motion, for a Peaceful Undisturbed Sleep

Even if Your Partner Moves at Night. 

EXTRA MEMORY FOAM - In addition to individual pocket spring 

coil, the memory foam on top of the mattress provide extra comfort feeling by reduce up to 87% of pressure on neck, spine and hip area.

The foam can absorb the pressure and reduce the body turn during sleep and give you a good sleep quality. 

Our Review Findings:

This mattress is Excellent value at at a cost of only £207.99 for a Double mattress, with Free Delivery. This mattress has a Review score of 4.7 out of 5 from 735 Customer Ratings on Amazon. The review comments confirm that this mattress is very comfortable that helps with back pain and ensures a good night's sleep. Overall, there is agreement that mattress is excellent value for the money and it comes highly recommended.

The Firmness Rating is Medium/Firm

For Further Information or to Purchase the Mattress. Please click on the link Below:

HomyLink Orthopaedic Double Mattress, Gel Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress.



It is suitable for those perfectionists who want a mattress with outstanding performance. This mattress brings together many of the best features of the mattress. The unique gel upper layer can reduce the heat released by the body and avoid the accumulation of sweat. Multi-functional sponges with special memory sponges to help the spine stretch; Separate pocket spring pockets provide solid support for the body spine. Lowering the surface temperature helps the blood circulate, helps the body fall into a deep sleep, and the multiple layers of softness and support allow the body to relieve stress. Anyone sleep on the PINE would wake up everyday like a brand new day.

  • Features a cool-gel memory foam for extra comfort

  • Improved blood circulation to aid a more restful sleep

  • Egg-shaped massage foam fabric

Mattress is vacuum-compressed and sealed, neatly packed in the box, smaller size and easy to carry. Within 1-2 days after unpacking, the mattress can be bounced back to its original size. We offer a 90-night mattress trial, if you received the mattress with wrong size or wrong type, please contact us with photos. (Please note: Please take a few minutes to read the introductory manual before unpacking.)

Our Review Findings:​

This is another mattress that according to the Reviews, offers excellent value for money and is very comfortable to sleep on. This mattress has a very reasonable price of £258 for a Double with Free Delivery

.The Firmness Rating is Medium/Firm.

This mattress has a Review score of 4.7 out of 5 from 23 Customer Ratings on Amazon.

The review comments confirm that the mattress is very comfortable and excellent value for money.

For Further Information or to Purchase the Mattress. Please click on the link Below:


Inofia Double Latex Memory Foam Mattress with Spring, Foam Mattress,Bi-density Latex, Naturally Hypoallergenic.

Memory foam mattresses are usually constructed from several layers of foams of different materials, but it usually contains a layer of memory foam at least. 

The side sleepers will prefer a memory foam mattress because the person sleeping on

the side is soft on the mattress so that their shoulders and waist can be well supported. The Inofia memory foam mattress can meet the sleeper's requirements for sleep habits.

Inofia foam mattress reduces the amount of movement so when a partner rolls at night, it doesn't often disturb another sleeping one.

Our Review Findings:​

This mattress Features a latex Foam Core which has a unique that combines a double density system with memory foam open cell technology. This combination provides unparalleled comfort. It gives you the feeling of floating instead of sinking. The Natural Latex conforms to your body, it has an excellent airflow through the mattress that discourages moisture and heat build up.

The reviews describe this as a very cheap, quality mattress. At a cost of only £219.99 this is great value for a very good Double mattress.

The Firmness Rating is Medium/Firm

This mattress has a Review score of 4.4 out of 5 from 61 Customer Ratings on Amazon.

For Further Information or to Purchase the Mattress. Please click on the link Below:


We hope that you have found our Guide Useful and that we have saved you some time from having to trawl through the internet to find the mattress that suits you.

Some mattresses will always suit some people more than others and it is often down to personal preference as to which is best for you.

By going through the mattress reviews, we have been able compile a list of mattresses that the vast majority of people are very pleased with both with comfort and affordability.

The mattresses that we have suggested are reasonably priced. In another post we will review mattresses at the top end of the market and also those at the bottom.

If you do purchase a new mattress, we would suggest that you have it professionally cleaned once a year. If you live in South Wales please contact us should you have any accidents on the mattress or for any other mattress cleaning requirements.

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